Old memories

Before NXT there was RIS with RCX and I have two of those.
A couple of years ago me and a friend built two robots that were able to find eachother, dock and then exchange a ball.

One of them has a lamp and the other one has a lightsensor. The "child" scans 360° to find the lightest point and then head for that direction. On his way he is doing small adjustment to always head for the lightest point, in other words the "mother".

Here is a video showing the docking process:

It's a little bit sad that I've lost the latest version of the program that contains the "ball exchanging" part (and I haven't got the time to rewrite it) so the video dosn't show that.

This isn't actually part of PenemuNXT, just fun to show the world :)

/Peter Forss

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