New release of leJOS firmware

I've now updated the robot and the computers to leJOS 0.85.
According to http://lejos.sourceforge.net/ the changes are:
  • better support and documentation for MAC OS X, including the Fantom USB driver
  • a Netbeans plugin
  • improved JVM speed and many more amazing improvements by Andy
  • support for the new LEGO color sensor in the NXT 2.0 set
  • now supports the instanceof keyword
  • detection of rechargeable batteries and improved battery indicator
  • nanosecond timers and improved timer support with the Delay class.
  • % operation on floats and doubles
  • Class, including the isAssignableFrom(Class cls) method
  • display of LCD screen in ConsoleViewer
  • major speed and accuracy improvements to the Math class from Sven
  • platform independent lejos.robotics packages
  • new navigation proposal (work in progress) that is platform independent, supports more vehicles, has better localization support, and new concepts of pose controllers and path finders
  • preliminary support for probabilistic robotics, including general purpose KalmanFilter class using matrix algebra
  • reworking of the Monte Carlo Localization classes
  • limited java.awt and java.awt.geom classes
Sounds good :)

/Peter F

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