Today we created a simple logo for the project.


Download as:


Download as:

What do you think?


Improved scanner

Except that we had a lot of problems with the USB communication today (which turned out to be due to a driver error) we improved our scanner a lot. Today we used te OpticalDistanceSensor instead of the UltrasonicSensor and it turned out that OpticalDistanceSensor had much better accuracy when you get the distance in an angle. It seems to be like the optical solution is much better then the ultrasonic one.

Anyhow, this is what the test looked like:


Comparison between the old sensor and the new one:

OLD (Ultrasonic)

NEW (Optical)

As you can see the new one looks a lot more like the environment the scanner is standing in. The odd lines in th corners are there because there is space between our boxes and the sensor recognizes them. Though there is still more to improve.

We also tested the new Accelerometer/Tiltsensor.

No big test yet, just printing out all info on the display to se that it works.

Enough for today.
/Peter and Josef

First official project lesson in school

Today is our first offical school lesson for our project. We've received information about how we are supposed to work and what the result is supposed to be. We will soon meet our mentor and discuss our plans.

Later this afternoon we will test a new navigator class and a new Accelerometer/Tiltsensor that we've bought. We will also try to create a simple prototype for our product. With the sensors and robot we have and the new navigation class we're working on we should be able to create something that can follow a wall and map out its' contours without too much trouble.