First test of the new sensors

So we finally decided to buy the sensors I told you about a couple of weeks ago.
We bought this from Mindsensors.com:
* High Precision Long Range Infrared distance sensor for NXT (DIST-Nx-Long-v2)
* Multi-Sensitivity Acceleration Sensor v3 for NXT - (ACCL-Nx-v3)
And this from HiTechnic.com:
* NXT Compass Sensor
* NXT Extended Connector Cable Set

And now they've finally arrived to Sweden :)
I've been able to test the Compass and the distance sensor so far, Josef still got the Acceleration Sensor at home and we will test it together when we meet in a couple of weeks.

Anyhow they look really good :) The accuracy of the distance sensor is very high, it gives you the distance in mm and it works good!

I put together a simple bot to test out the CompassNavigatorin LeJos.

We will do some more advanced stuff soon!

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