Useful sensors

This weekend I read the book Develop LeJOS Programs Step by Step by Juan Antonio Breña Moral. It was really good with alot of nice examples of how to do LeJOS stuff. It also included some information not directly connected to LeJOs, like Lego Mindstorms history for example, but this was really entertaining to read.

Anyhow the book included some useful links and one of the brought me to the company Mindsensors. I found a really nice sensor that could improve this project alot. The High Precision Long Range Infrared distance sensor for NXT (DIST-Nx-Long-v2) would allow us to calculate distances between 20 to 150 cm in millimeters!! Thats 10 times better than with the Ultrasonicsensor that only gives us the distance in cm.

I also read that the CompassNavigator in leJOS may take advantage of the compass sensor from HiTechnic. This would be really nice to have because (as i've understood it) the turns won't depend on the tachometer in the motor, instead it will look at the angle the compass returns i.e. it will rotate until it has rotated as much as needed.

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