Latest improvements

We've done some improvements to the project, I'll list them below:
  • Renaming of the projects
    • PenemuNXTExplorer
    • PenemuNXTExplorerClient
    • PenemuNXTExplorerServer

    • PenemuNXTFramework
    • PenemuNXTFrameworkClient
    • PenemuNXTFrameworkServer
  • Rearranged UI
    • New colors, logo, menu, margins...
  • Timeline
    • We can now "play" saved data and go to specific positions in it
  • Save and open
    • Save and open maps as files (*.penemunxtmap and *.penemunxtmapxml)
  • Filters
    • A function to filter out irrelevant data and draw lines between the correct data
  • View raw data
    • A table shows the raw data (sensor values from the robot) we base the map on
  • Hotspots
    • Shows places on the map where we have accurate data with big red circles, less accurate with small green circles

/Peter F

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