Improved UI

Today I improved the UI that controls the robot and that displays the map.
It now looks like:

It has support to zoom in the map by scrolling the mousewheel or by draging the slider on the left panel. If you want to pan the map you just have to drag it.
It's quite the same as Google Maps.

The left panel has also been more structured and now you can easily choose between USB/Bluetooth and change what NXT to connect to.

I also refactored the code so that it looks a little bit more structured :)

/Peter F

2 kommentarer:

  1. Nice work.
    Does your room look like an average of the yellow spots?

  2. Thank you. Yes, the part of the room that I allowed it to scan looks like the yellow dots. We will implement some algorithms to caclulate the avarage of the dots and make a more correct map.
    You see that it's quite empty in the right bottom corner. That's where the rest of my room goes, but I shut it (the robo) down when it headed that direction.